Your Unborn Baby Senses Your Mental State

  • At the same time you’re feeling your baby, your baby is feeling you.
  • Fetuses can sense their mom’s state of mind — depressed, anxious, or happy, for instance.
  • The information babies’ brains collect from their mothers helps them grow and develop.
  • When a mother is happy, her baby receives all those feel-good “happy” signals that helps fuel future growth and development.
  • When a mom-to-be is consistently anxious or clinically depressed, the baby is overloaded with not-so-happy signals that could hamper development, and in severe cases, lead to psychological or developmental delays down the road.
  • A pregnant woman’s thoughts have a physical connection to her unborn child. 
  • Children born to mothers who had intensely stressful pregnancies are more likely to have behavioral problems later in life.
  • Positive maternal emotions have been shown to advance the health of the unborn child.
  • Without stress, your baby’s nervous system works smoothly. When you’re calm and centered, your baby is able to grow peacefully.

morganallison-deactivated201204 asked: how old are you hun? :)

I’m 21, but I’m going to give birth at the age of 22 next year. :)

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Seeing ultrasound photos of babies and reading blogs about expecting Mommies make me excited.

  • I can’t wait to know what my baby will be: a boy or a girl
  • I can’t wait to see what he/she looks inside me
  • I can’t wait to feel him/her inside me
  • I can’t wait to have him/her in my arms

Your blogs and photos take away my worries! <3

I want my boyfriend to love me even more like this when I’m pregnant(;



I swear to god, if you don’t reblog this, you´re heartless

 i know what it feels like to be in iraq and miss the birth of your own daughter.<3

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I just tried Baby Center’s Chinese Gender Predictor and it says we’ll have a 50-50 possibility of having a Baby Girl. <3 Though based on the poll if the prediction is right, 44% of them said NO. It’s just for fun. :)

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